Win a Holiday – Travel Competitions of the Week 10/07

Win a Holiday – Travel Competitions of the Week 10/07

Travel is addictive, but it’s also expensive – it’s a predicament we’ve all found ourselves in! We want to see the world but real-life gets in the way. Rent, mortgages, uni fees and more seem to be stealing our travel money from us. It’s just not fair is it 😛

So, how to combat this? Well, for me, I enter as many travel competitions as I can. If there’s an opportunity to win a holiday – even if it’s just a 1-night stay on Philip Island, I’ll take it! So here is a round-up of some of this week’s best travel competitions.

Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Win a 9-night luxury holiday to Peru (25 words or less)

Win 5 luxurious nights in Bali

Win $20,000 holiday and vouchers (must buy Cup-a-soup)

Win VIP trip to Los Angeles

Win a ski trip to South Korea

 Win a holiday to Kenya

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