The World’s Longest Direct Flights

The World’s Longest Direct Flights

How much do you enjoy flying? I love to fly, depending on the length of the trip! I love getting to the airport, checking in (as long as the queue isn’t too long) and of course browsing the duty free departments.

The first 2-3 hours of a flight are also an enjoyable time, excitement and anticipation of getting to your destination, watching films and relaxing with a book and delving into the snacks you’ve packed for the journey. After that, the novelty can wear off, especially if you are not a big sleeper on planes, which is definitely true for me and you’ve got a long overnight flight.

Pack yourself a pillow, something to help you sleep and I’d recommend some ear plugs for a smoother journey.

Still, just remember the ends justify the means right?! Soon, you’ll be on holiday soaking up a new culture.

What is the longest direct flight you’ve ever taken? I think mine has only been about 9 hours seems pretty tame compared to the top 5 longest direct flights in the infographic below… 16 hours 55 comes top!

(Infographic created by Flight Centre Ltd)


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