Thailand’s best adventure activities

Thailand’s best adventure activities

Love a bit of rough ‘n’ tumble on your hols? Perhaps you can’t handle two weeks straight of just sitting by a pool? Well despite it’s relaxed zen-like atmosphere, Thailand is one of the world’s best kept adventure activity secrets. From trekking through the jungle to white water rafting, there’s an activity for every type of thrill seeker in Thailand! Here are our faves. Something you love that we’ve missed out? Let us know!

Elephant Trekking

Forget horse riding, elephant riding is where it’s at when you’re in Thailand! You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting a smooth ride, but putting that aside it will most likely be the most memorable moment of your trip.

Elephant Riding in Thailan

There are elephant trekking tour companies throughout Thailand with two of the most popular places to give it a go in Phuket and Chiang Mai. You can also go trekking on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. The tours vary between destinations but you could find yourself wandering across rivers or through dense jungle – and what better way to see the country than on the back of an elephant?!


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing enthusiasts have been heading to Thailand for years, and in particular the town of Krabi in southern Thailand. With its famous limestone karst scenery, which is ideal for rock climbing, Krabi is also a tropical paradise.

Rock climbing in Krabi

Surrounded by some of the best beaches in Thailand (check out Ao Nang!) and a quieter atmosphere than the island of Phuket, there’s plenty to see and do besides from rock climbing.

If you want to try your hand at rock climbing (or you’re a seasoned pro!) but will be elsewhere in Thailand, there are plenty of other places around the country to do it, including Chiang Mai.

Want something even more thrilling? Try deep water soloing for the ultimate adrenalin rush!


White water rafting

For a more leisurely experience, try a traditional bamboo raft trip.

Bamboo Rafting Thailand
Bamboo Rafting Thailand


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