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Top 5 Rooftop Bars in Melbourne

Summer is here (although fellow Melburnians might dispute this!) and one of my favourite things to do is relax with a nice glass of wine at a rooftop bar. There are plenty of great bars at ground level, but why settle for that when you can have a tipple with a view?

Madame Brussels

Level 3/59-63 Bourke St, Melbourne

Perhaps it’s my English background or my love for all things cute and pink, but Madame Brussels is my first choice when looking for a place to enjoy the sunshine with friends. From neatly cut sandwiches and jugs of Pimms to dashing waiters in Fred Perry tennis whites, this hard-to-find bar is like an English garden party in the sky.

It gets very busy over the summer, so be prepared to fight for a seat!


2/161 Spring Street, Melbourne

When you mention rooftop bars, Siglo is usually top of mind for most locals. It’s the place you go if you want to impress a date or just have a classy night out with friends. There is a distinctly European feel to it – I can’t quite pinpoint a specific country but a nice blend of Spanish, Italian and French.

The view is what really makes it – you have a fantastic backdrop of Parliament House and the spectacular St Patrick’s Cathedral. You’re also in the heart of the theatre district, so it’s perfect for a pre- or post-show drink.

Rooftop Bar & Cinema

6/252 Swanston St, Melbourne

Whenever I have people come to visit me, I always take them to the Rooftop Cinema. A first-date paradise, the rooftop bar and cinema combines two of my (and most people’s!) favourite pastimes – movies and drinks. It sure beats sitting in a dark cinema with a box of overpriced popcorn!

The views of the city skyline are unbeatable, and you can enjoy them with a drink in hand, relaxing in your own deck chair. You don’t need to watch a movie either – you can just hang at the bar!

The Carlton

193 Bourke St, Melbourne

The Carlton is one of few bars/restaurants that really does cater for every type of event and person. The decor is eclectic – to put it lightly – and the crowd even more so. But that’s what makes it so great – you never know who you might strike up a conversation with!

The drinks menu is good and the restaurant serves up some mean pub-style (albeit gourmet pub-style) food. There are two rooftop bars, complete with a Hawaiian beach-hut style vibe.

Warning: it is very easy to head there for a quiet drink and not make it home until the following day!

Captain Baxter, St Kilda

10/10-18 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda

City skylines are amazing at night-time, but if you’re after a mid-afternoon drink (we won’t judge you!), there’s nothing better than a relaxed beach-front atmosphere.

Overlooking Melbourne’s iconic St Kilda Beach is Captain Baxter – a chilled out bar with a fantastic outdoor deck. If you’re like me and love the idea of the beach but hate finding sand in your clothes for the next three weeks, here’s a way you can enjoy it from afar.

Your Guide to Summer Theatre in Melbourne

It’s no secret that Melbourne is Australia’s entertainment capital. The energy of an exciting new show is contagious with all the big billboards, advertisements and word quickly spreads around the city. With summer on the way, here are our top three picks for different types of theatre that will have something for everyone.

The play: A Murder is Announced


In an English village, the locals peer over an advertisement in the gazette that states ‘a murder is announced and will take place on Friday 13th October, at Little Paddocks at 6.30pm.’ Unable to resist scoping out the situation, a crowd forms at this time. The lights go out, ‘a gun is fired and a body falls…’

Can you guess ‘whodunnit?’

Agatha Christie’s classic crime novel has thrilled readers with all the twists, turns and witty one liners since 1950.  Following the enormous success of ‘The Mousetrap’ last year, the same producers are bringing ‘A Murder is Announced’ to the Comedy Theatre for the first time in Australia. Based on the lovable detective Miss Marple, the amazing cast will have viewers on the edge of their seats as they follow her journey. In this all Australian production, audiences will be guaranteed to be guessing and in suspense until the final big revelation.  No one does a good murder mystery quite like Agatha Christie.

The comedy: Wogboys Live on Stage

wogboys-600x400Fans of the hit movie will be delighted at Nick Giannopoulos and Vince Colosimo reuniting for the first time on stage in fifteen years.  Both of the talented actors have moved on to star in other ventures, but they still get quoted lines from the movie to this day. This record breaking and critically acclaimed show will have the audience in hysterical as they poke fun of stereotypes through wicked humour. To add to the show’s star power, they will be joined by veteran Australian actors Alex Dimitriades and Frank Lotito.  Written, created and produced by the man with the longest surname in show business (Giannopoulos), Wogboys brings a unique, hilarious and heartfelt take on their everyday lives in the 90’s. This goes for a strictly limited season in January 2014 at the Princess Theatre. The original Wogboys are back with a vengeance.

The musical: Grease

Everyone knows all the words to the songs by heart. They are truly unforgettable.  Sandy and Danny are one of the most iconic couples in movie history as we all grew up with this hit movie. The best thing about this extravaganza is that the story means something to so many people and will remain a classic for the rest of time. Grease will be back with a bang in Australia with this dazzling multi-million dollar production. It is lead by an all-star cast including Bert Newton, Rob Mills, Todd McKenney and Anthony Callea. This energetic all-singing, all-dancing cast will have the audience on their feet at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Melbourne’s Fiesta in your Mouth – Los Hermanos Taqueria

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the sun makes its daily westward pilgrimage, a warm breeze plays in the dusky streets inspiring leaves to dance freely through the air. Brick buildings toss out their lengthy end of day shadows with ease. Exuberant notes from a distant accordion bounce alongside subtle vibrations plucked from a lonely guitar, gently beckoning the weary traveller. Intriguing aromas levitate the senses, luring you to a fiesta of flavour deep in the heart of Melbourne’s nightlife hot-spot known as Brunswick. Specializing in authentic Mexican cuisine, with a focus on simple yet addictive tacos, Los Hermanos will transport you halfway around the world one dish at a time.

In a city known for its culinary diversity, it can be overwhelming to pick a place to dine while on holiday. Los Hermanos stands apart from the crowd with its ingenious and unique recipes that restaurateur Bruno Carreto searched far and wide across the Mexican countryside for. Born in Mexico City, Carreto shares with Melbourne a genuine taste of his homeland. Once through the doors the friendly and warm atmosphere will envelope you and with single plate dishes it’s easy to enjoy an evening out trying a bit of everything, or pop in for a quick snack that won’t hurt the wallet.

Cactus Salad
Cactus Salad

Begin your journey with the Ensalada de Nopales, strips of cactus cooked in lime juice and topped with crumbled feta, diced tomato, grilled onion, and fresh coriander. Continue along with a plate of Flautas de Pollo, three rolled crispy tacos filled with chicken, drizzled with sour cream and covered with shredded lettuce. Try Las Gorditas, a maize flour pocket stuffed with refried beans and a blend of ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Or give Los Sopes a taste, a maize flour base under refried beans, cheese, home-made salsa and lettuce

with your choice of Chicken, Mushroom or Zucchini. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t be afraid to add a bit of hot sauce, each table had 3 different fiery sauces to choose from.

Next, take some time to peruse the assortment mouth-watering soon-to-be-famous tacos on the menu. For meat lovers; Tacos ‘de Pescado’ (Fish), ‘de Barbacoa’ (Lamb), ‘de Pollo’ (Chicken), and ‘de Res’ (Slow cooked Beef – a personal favourite; the meat has been twice cooked and is chocked full of flavour). Vegetarians have quite a few choices as well; try the Tacos ‘de Ejotes Papita y Huevo’ (Green Beans, Potato and Egg), ‘de Calabazita’ (Zucchini) or ‘de Hongos’ (Mushroom). There are also some tantalizing vegan options available, just ask the staff.

Authentic Mojitos
Authentic Mojitos


As for drinks, the Mojito is a real treasure with the perfect balance of mint and lime, or try the spicy Michelada; a mix of beer, chili, and lime on ice. Margaritas are always a treat and the home-made, not-to-be-missed, easy-to-drink, Sangria is sold by the jug and you’ll understand why when you try it.

If you’re looking for something stronger, have a shot of tequila with their home-made Tequila chaser. It’s a lovely shade of green, and surprisingly one of the most delicious liquids ever invented. With a long list of cerveza, wines, spirits and cocktails, you’re sure to find the right thing to wet your pallet. If you don’t feel like drinking alcohol, have a crack at a Jarritos, a popular Mexican soda available in a wide variety of refreshing fruity flavours.

Los Hermanos is perfect for small functions, with outdoor and indoor seating available. Call for reservations for parties of 6 or more. It’s super easy to get to, just a few steps down the street from the Brunswick Railway Station; however there is currently no signage on the building so keep an eye out for the street numbers. Limited street parking is available. Don’t miss out on Melbourne’s best Mexican eatery, spice up your holiday and head to Los Hermanos today!

339 Victoria St
Brunswick, VIC

(03) 9939 3661

M-Sat 6pm-10pm

Closed Sunday

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