Record Breaking Year for Vanuatu Tourism

Record Breaking Year for Vanuatu Tourism

There’s no doubting that Vanuatu has long been one of the South Pacific’s best-kept secrets – but judging by this latest news, it looks like the secret’s out.

Vanuatu saw a 15% increase in visitors in 2012 – an increase of more than 7,000 visitors since 2011. Arriving in Vanuatu via cruise ship seems to be the hip thing to do – as there were 41% more arrivals by cruiseliners in 2012 compared to 2011. And let’s be honest – what better way to arrive on this tropical nation?!

The majority of visitors to Vanuatu come from one of its closest neighbours – Australia – but it is growing in popularity with visitors from all around the world.

Look out for a collection of in-depth Vanuatu travel guides coming to TravelGoss soon!


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