Meet Stanley: The Latest Resident of Outback NSW

Meet Stanley: The Latest Resident of Outback NSW

While the Japanese are always making things smaller, here in Australia it’s the bigger the better! Whether it’s the Big Banana, the 9 meter long Big Prawn or the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is the home of larger-than-life attractions.

stanley2Now, the inland New South Wales town of Lightning Ridge has joined in on fun with the launch of its 18-metre tall emu named Stanley.

The environmentally-friendly sculpture, designed by local artist John Murray, was created using scrap metal sourced from three Volkswagen bodies, a pair of satellite dishes and even materials from the old Dubbo police station.

The construction was a community effort, with all of the work, labour and materials donated from locals.

Alongside the unveiling of Stanley, Walgett Shire Council has launched the ‘Sculptures by the Highway’ competition, inviting submissions from budding artists for the opportunity to build up to five large sculptures on the side of Castlereagh Highway.

The winner, to be announced in October, will receive a cash prize of $10,000.

What’s the biggest manmade thing you’ve ever seen?

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