How to find cheap hotel deals

How to find cheap hotel deals

After you’ve paid for your flights the next biggest splurge on your holiday is the hotel. There is no set price for hotel rooms and if you are a little tech-savvy and know the tricks of the trade you can find cheap hotels at the click of a button. We’ve come up with our top tips for saving money on hotels so you can spend your money doing the fun stuff!

Book Early or Last Minute

When you book your hotel is almost important as when you travel. Hotels like to book their rooms up as quickly as possible and you can often get yourself a great deal on a fantastic hotel if you book several months in advance.

If only we could get a good deal on this one! (We've been trying...)
If only we could get a good deal on this one! (We’ve been trying…)

If you’re more of a spontaneous traveler or you have left it too late to get the advanced deals then booking last minute can bring you even better savings on cheap hotels. As they like to keep their rooms full, hotels will slash the price of any unsold rooms up to a few weeks in advance. Particularly if you’re travelling in the off peak season you can find incredibly cheap prices for hotels that you would otherwise not be able to afford at full price.

The only problem with booking last minute is that you need to be very flexible with when and where you are travelling to as options may be limited and you may not get your first choice.

Compare Hotel Deals Online

The growth of the internet has brought with it a huge range of opportunities for finding cheap hotels. There are numerous websites that give you the ability to compare hotel prices online and you’ll quickly notice that prices vary significantly between different websites and travel companies.

There are lots of websites to compare websites, but our favourite is Hotels Combined – it’s only new but it shows you the best prices from all the different websites combined – pretty cool!

You can also get contact details for hotels that you are interested in online and contact them directly to enquire about their best deals. Sometimes they can give you a better price than you can find online. Additionally, some hotels also offer discounts for extended stays, students, seniors and more.


Travel in the Off Peak Season

The biggest influence on the cost of your hotel is when you travel. If you have children and are limited to travelling during school holidays you may not have as many options, however if you have the freedom to travel during off peak periods then you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Travelling mid-week will save you money on your hotel and you’ll find that Friday and Saturday nights are typically the most expensive days. Many countries also have their own on and off peak seasons that usually depend on the type of weather experienced there at the time. If you don’t mind sacrificing optimum weather for saving money then try travelling during your destinations off season.

Free breakfast included is always a bonus!
Free breakfast included is always a bonus!

Look for Package Deals

Package deals are a great way for saving money on your hotel. When you’re booking your flights always ask what package deals they have available, often you will get added extras such as free car rental, tours and more for the price of just the hotel and flights separately.

Sign up for Hotel Rewards Programs

Most major hotel chains have their own rewards programs that work in a similar way to airlines’ frequent flyer programs. This is a good idea if you are a regular traveler as after a few stays you may score yourself a free night or room upgrade.

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