How to Explore Australia Free of Charge

How to Explore Australia Free of Charge

Australia is a haven for all who visit; the beautiful beaches, terrific architecture and magnificent wildlife. So who fancies seeing this for free? It’s now possible and readily available. One-way car rental is a system by which you act as the shipper for rental companies rather than them spending extortionate amounts of money on transferring vehicles between their branches.

It will be seen by many as a very strange form of volunteer work but this is certainly not the right way to view this unique opportunity. It is travelling in an extremely cost-effective and rather fun way. See why travelling around Australia in this way will be a truly memorable (and cheap) experience.

Cost Cutting

Fundamentally, the greatest benefit of this method of travel is the saving on cost. You can travel from Darwin to Sydney, from Sydney to Melbourne and so on for simply the cost of your food and drink. All you have to do is drop the car off at the main airports and then you are free to explore at your own leisure.

Insurance, petrol and the car itself is provided; all you need to do is sit back, relax (if you aren’t driving) and let the Australian air caress your face as you investigate its abundant beauty. For non-Australian back packers lets say, this is the ideal way to make the cost of the flight back.

Hitch a tent wherever you please and use the services that companies such as Transfercar have on the table. It is truly a brilliant scheme and one all budding travelers should give considerable thought to.

Be different

Everybody these days is travelling or wants to travel. Inter-railing is becoming the new Ibiza and a gap year working in Africa is so frequent it’s the becoming the norm. Spruce it up a bit people, for the same cost of a 2 week inter railing pass (if you book far enough in advance) you can backpack around Australia! There are a million things to do and you get to experience them first hand as you are physically in the driving seat.

It is a brilliant opportunity and extremely cheap if you plan it coherent and correctly. Remember it is a win, win situation for both yourself, the organizer and the rental company – so make the most of it!

No Limits

This method of travel really does allow you to explore the depths of Australia. While you have an end destination (The Airport) what you do after that is completely up to you. The sense of freedom when driving a car is unparalleled, especially in a country so rich with wonderful sights.

Whether you are on a soul finding mission alone or on a world tour with your soul mate, exploration of this nature is an incredible option. Moreover if you love Sydney (lets say) that much you can always return (free of charge) for another week if you so wish. The beauty is in the flexibility and if you are a keen traveler then flexibility is a godsend.

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