Egypt, more than just Pyramids

Egypt, more than just Pyramids

Egypt is a fantastic and very popular holiday destination. Mainly down to the welcoming Egyptians, good weather and historic ruins. I thought in this post, I would avoid the subjects such as the Pyramids of Giza, and the Valley of the kings and talk about some stuff you might not have heard about in Egypt.

Siwa, known for its historical acceptance of homosexuality (There have been reports of gay marriage, even in the Egyptian times.) The lack of tourism, I assume, is all down to one reason. Transport. It’s a 9 hour bus ride from Alexandria, buses also leave from Cairo, you’ll be travelling overnight. Egypt air will fly you there from either from Cairo or Alexandria. If you wanted to go here, I think the best idea would be to come straight from London, a few airlines will go to the airport, but only in the summer. You will see some of the most beautiful landscapes in Egypt. Fatnas Island is 6km away from Siwa and is a good place to see some of that beauty; it has been nicknamed “Fantasy Island.” It can be found by crossing a causeway (Which you can do on a donkey ride!) While there you’ll get to walk along palm beaches, and bathe in springs which have been said to be better than the more famous Cleopatra springs. The Shali Fortress gives the city more historical interest; it was built for protection from hostile tribes. It is made up of many mud and salt houses that got destroyed by rain in 1926. It might surprise you to find a few of them are still being used today, mainly at the foot of Shali.

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Siwa, the Old Town

Aswan is the smallest of the three main cities by the Nile, and mainly people visit to see Abu Simel (which I’m going to skip as I want to write about the lesser known about attractions.) Getting to Aswan is reasonably simple, a three hour train ride from Luxor or boat, again from Luxor will take you there. Another method of transport would be a cruise along the more tranquil part of the River Nile. Aswan has some historic sites, such as the unfinished obelisk. If it had been completed, it would have measured 42m and weighed 1,200 tons. Very close to the obelisk is the Fatimid Cemetery. This impressive site is free to go and see, the tombs with flags on them belonged to saints. The sound and light show at Philae Temple is something to do with your evening, it will tell you the story of Osiris, the Lord of dead and his wife, Isis, who resurrected him.

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Taba Heights located in the North East of the country is a fantastic picturesque place to visit in Egypt, more relaxing than any of the destinations with historical ruins. You’ll get some truly spectacular views from here; you’ll be able to see over to Israel from its 5km of beaches. You could even cross 2 wonders of the world off your list, and see the Pyramids of Giza as well as Petra at Jordan. Every Friday here there is a street festival with free live entertainment for you to enjoy. Taba Heights is also big on water sports; diving, sailing and windsurfing are all available through The Red Sea Water World.

egypt travel guide

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– Emma Buttery

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