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Melbourne’s Fiesta in your Mouth – Los Hermanos Taqueria

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the sun makes its daily westward pilgrimage, a warm breeze plays in the dusky streets inspiring leaves to dance freely through the air. Brick buildings toss out their lengthy end of day shadows with ease. Exuberant notes from a distant accordion bounce alongside subtle vibrations plucked from a lonely guitar, gently beckoning the weary traveller. Intriguing aromas levitate the senses, luring you to a fiesta of flavour deep in the heart of Melbourne’s nightlife hot-spot known as Brunswick. Specializing in authentic Mexican cuisine, with a focus on simple yet addictive tacos, Los Hermanos will transport you halfway around the world one dish at a time.

In a city known for its culinary diversity, it can be overwhelming to pick a place to dine while on holiday. Los Hermanos stands apart from the crowd with its ingenious and unique recipes that restaurateur Bruno Carreto searched far and wide across the Mexican countryside for. Born in Mexico City, Carreto shares with Melbourne a genuine taste of his homeland. Once through the doors the friendly and warm atmosphere will envelope you and with single plate dishes it’s easy to enjoy an evening out trying a bit of everything, or pop in for a quick snack that won’t hurt the wallet.

Cactus Salad
Cactus Salad

Begin your journey with the Ensalada de Nopales, strips of cactus cooked in lime juice and topped with crumbled feta, diced tomato, grilled onion, and fresh coriander. Continue along with a plate of Flautas de Pollo, three rolled crispy tacos filled with chicken, drizzled with sour cream and covered with shredded lettuce. Try Las Gorditas, a maize flour pocket stuffed with refried beans and a blend of ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Or give Los Sopes a taste, a maize flour base under refried beans, cheese, home-made salsa and lettuce

with your choice of Chicken, Mushroom or Zucchini. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t be afraid to add a bit of hot sauce, each table had 3 different fiery sauces to choose from.

Next, take some time to peruse the assortment mouth-watering soon-to-be-famous tacos on the menu. For meat lovers; Tacos ‘de Pescado’ (Fish), ‘de Barbacoa’ (Lamb), ‘de Pollo’ (Chicken), and ‘de Res’ (Slow cooked Beef – a personal favourite; the meat has been twice cooked and is chocked full of flavour). Vegetarians have quite a few choices as well; try the Tacos ‘de Ejotes Papita y Huevo’ (Green Beans, Potato and Egg), ‘de Calabazita’ (Zucchini) or ‘de Hongos’ (Mushroom). There are also some tantalizing vegan options available, just ask the staff.

Authentic Mojitos
Authentic Mojitos


As for drinks, the Mojito is a real treasure with the perfect balance of mint and lime, or try the spicy Michelada; a mix of beer, chili, and lime on ice. Margaritas are always a treat and the home-made, not-to-be-missed, easy-to-drink, Sangria is sold by the jug and you’ll understand why when you try it.

If you’re looking for something stronger, have a shot of tequila with their home-made Tequila chaser. It’s a lovely shade of green, and surprisingly one of the most delicious liquids ever invented. With a long list of cerveza, wines, spirits and cocktails, you’re sure to find the right thing to wet your pallet. If you don’t feel like drinking alcohol, have a crack at a Jarritos, a popular Mexican soda available in a wide variety of refreshing fruity flavours.

Los Hermanos is perfect for small functions, with outdoor and indoor seating available. Call for reservations for parties of 6 or more. It’s super easy to get to, just a few steps down the street from the Brunswick Railway Station; however there is currently no signage on the building so keep an eye out for the street numbers. Limited street parking is available. Don’t miss out on Melbourne’s best Mexican eatery, spice up your holiday and head to Los Hermanos today!

339 Victoria St
Brunswick, VIC

(03) 9939 3661

M-Sat 6pm-10pm

Closed Sunday

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