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Hotels in Brig Switzerland: Quick Guide

The historic and picturesque town of Brig in Switzerland is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. Brig is situated close to the Italian and Swiss border and is surrounded by the beautiful Swiss alps.

The scenery is truly spectacular and is what draws most of the visitors to the town. In the summer, the mountains are a beautiful bright green and in the winter, it is a snowy wonderland. 

Activities in Brig

During the summer, the most popular activity is walking, and there are over 150km of marked hiking trails throughout the town and around the region. There are also lots of cycling routes. The Rosswald viewing platform offers unrivalled views over the town and beyond. Another popular attraction is the Brig Baths, which is one of Switzerland’s largest open-air thermal centres.

In the winter, there are eleven ski lifts up into the surrounding mountains. The Hohstock ski tunnel is one of the most popular winter attractions, especially for skiers and snowboarders. There are several small skiing areas in the town that are busy during the winter months.

Another popular attraction is the Stockalper Palace, a large and impressive well-preserved baroque palace in the heart of the town.

Accommodation in Brig Switzerland

There are plenty of accommodation options in Brig ranging from budget bed and breakfasts up to world-class luxury resorts.

hotels brig switzerland

The 3-star Art Furrer Schlosshotel is set in a quiet and tranquil location just a five-minute walk from the town’s centre. The hotel offers spectacular views over the Alps and Brig, and the hotel itself is in a traditional Swiss style. This hotel is a great place for a romantic getaway at a great value price.

If you are travelling with your whole family, the Hotel Central is a fantastic budget family hotel right next to all of the most popular attractions in Brig. It is located next to the entrance to the car-free Brig Old Town. It has all the facilities that you might need, including cosy rooms and several restaurants. Pets are also allowed at this hotel.

If you like your accommodation to have a bit of history, the Hotel Du Pont certainly offers this. It is the oldest family hotel in Brig, and also has one of the best restaurants in the town. The prices are very reasonable and the surrounds are stunning. It is a great hotel for families.

hotel du pont brig switzerland
Hotel Du Pont, Brig

Located in front of the main station of Brig is the impressive Minotel Victoria Hotel. Right in the heart of the town, this city is historic and traditional on the outside but modern and full facilitated on the inside. They have a restaurant serving local cuisine and there are family rooms for those with kids. It’s a great hotel for getting to all the sites of this beautiful town.

The Hotel Ambassador is situated in a quiet location 200 metres from the central Brig train station. The rooms are well-priced and modern with a Swiss twist. There is also a fantastic restaurant serving a variety of cuisines located at the hotel. You will be in a great location for easy access to all the skiing and hiking spots that Brig has to offer.


Top 5 Celebrity Holiday Destinations

The rich and the famous can practically take their pick when it comes to choosing a holiday destination, so naturally we are interested in where they go. Plus it’s kinda cool to stay in the same place as your fave movie star 😉 While our wallets might not be as generous as theirs, you can often get discounted rooms in many 5* hotels if you plan ahead or seek out a last-minute deal.

Or, what I like to do – stay at a cheaper hotel up the road and visit the fancy ones for a star-studded lunch/dinner! I may have occasionally snuck into their pools too… but shhh.

1. Los Cabos, Mexico

A favourite with A-lister Jennifer Aniston and her ‘Friend’ Courtney Cox, Cabo is a dream destination for those that like to live it up with booze, parties, beaches and sun! In fact it’s where a bevy of celebs including George Clooney, Jennifer, Justin Theroux and Jimmy Kimmel saw in 2013 with New Year’s celebrations at the Mexican holiday destination.

Want to live it up like the stars? Check out Jennifer Aniston’s favourite resort, One&Only Palmilla. Rooms are up to $3,000 a night – bargain really…

One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos
One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos

2. French Riviera

Thanks to it being the first choice holiday destination for members of the British Royal Family for many years, the French Riviera has long been a hotspot for celebs. There are few celebrities that haven’t visited the coastal towns of Saint Tropez, Cannes and Nice – so I won’t even begin to list them! But Victoria and David Beckham are two of the regions most famous guests.

A lot of the stars have their own private yachts to stay on while they’re there – so most of us can rule that out as an option. If you want to stay on terra firma, try Hotel Byblos in Saint Tropez. One of the trendiest hotels on the French coast, supermodels such as Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen have partied the night away at the on-site nightclub Les Caves du Roy.

Les Caves du Roy, Hotel Byblos, Saint Tropez
Les Caves du Roy, Hotel Byblos, Saint Tropez

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Celebs are really just like the rest of us when they’re planning a holiday – while we may not be seeking shelter from the nosy paparazzi, we are looking to have a good time. And where better to have a good time than in Sin City itself. What happens in Vegas may not always stay in Vegas when you’re a celebrity, but you’re sure to have one hell of a good holiday!

With dozens of uber-classy hotels along the Vegas strip, there are many that the rich and famous frequent, but The Palms is one of the firm favourites. Don’t be surprised if you bump into Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian down at the pool.

Palms Casino Resort

4. Hawaii, USA

Every summer you’ll see photos of stars in their bikinis on a Hawaiian beach. Some we’d rather not see in so little attire, but that’s beside the point.

While most people immediately think of the packed-to-the-brim Waikiki Beach, Hawaii has hundreds of secret hideaways that are perfect for a star looking to holiday undercover. The islands of Maui and Kauai have some of the most luxurious resorts around and boast some of the best beaches in the world.

Everyone from Paris Hilton to Barack Obama have been spotted holidaying in Hawaii, so you’ll be in good company. Try Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s north shore for the ultimate in celebrity chic. The popular movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall was filmed there and on my recent trip to Hawaii I went there for lunch and a sneaky look around all the filming locations!

Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore, Oahu
Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore, Oahu

5. Ibiza, Spain

Synonymous with world-class nightlife, Ibiza is a haven for the young and the restless! Premiere League footballers and socialists alike spend their summers on the Spanish island.

Unlike party destinations such as Phuket, Ibiza is not a cheap getaway. Bars are pricey to get into, drinks are expensive and the hotels range from dingy (but still costly) to decadent! Attracting some of the world’s most renowned DJ’s and performers, as well as the stunning Mediterranean backdrop, it’s easy to see why you’d be heading straight to Ibiza if your budget allows!

Want to mingle with the stars? Head to Ibiza Rocks Hotel – an island landmark. You might recognise the pool as being featured in the Club Tropicana music video!

Ibiza Rocks Hotel
Ibiza Rocks Hotel


If you had an endless travel budget, where would you go?



Top 10 Historic Hotels

Newly built with modern facilities may be a drawcard for most hotels, but old hotels can be so much more interesting! When you’re sleeping in a building surrounded in history you can let a few things like bad smells, crumbling walls and even a bit of mould slide. Well, some people can anyway.

Many historic hotels have seen some of the world’s most famous events and can name world leaders, classic Hollywood stars and royalty as past clientele. Who knows, you could sleep in the old room of Marilyn Monroe!

So if you love history or just want to stay somewhere that has hundreds of stories to tell, check out some of the world’s oldest hotels. Oh if only the walls could talk!

1. Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan, Hayawaka, Japan

Founded in 705, it’s no surprise Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan was officially named as the oldest hotel in the world by Guinness World Records – that’s over 1,300 years of guests! The beautiful hotel is built around hot springs and surrounded by luscious Japanese countryside. And if you can’t get a room, the world’s second oldest hotel is also in Japan!

World's oldest hotel in Japan
World’s oldest hotel in Japan

2. Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, India

This impressive hotel, which deserves the name ‘palace’, is one of India’s most historic and famous hotel. Since opening its doors in 1903, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel’s has played host to high-profile guests including The Beatles, Barack Obama, Jackie O and Brad Pitt, to name just a few!

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

3. Schloss Cecilienhof, Germany

Not many hotels can boast a history as exciting as Schloss Cecilienhof. It gained notoriety for hosting the Potsdam Conference, where allies Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and Harry Truman met during World War II in 1945. The now hotel was also the last palace built by Hohenzollern family, who ruled Prussia and Germany until 1918. A UNESCO world heritage site since 1990 and also housing a popular museum, this is a dream hotel for history buffs!

Schloss Cecilienhof
Schloss Cecilienhof

4. Chateau de Goudourville, France

Dating back to the 11th century, it doesn’t get much older than the Chateau de Goudourville in the French Pyrenees, near Toulouse. In what feels like a cross between Hogwarts and a Medieval fairytale palace, the chateau has managed to preserve its history and is a unique place for a kip.

Chateau de Goudourville, France

5. Pera Palace Hotel, Turkey

One of Istanbul’s most iconic buildings, the Pera Palace is as luxurious as it is old. The magnificent building first opened as a hotel in 1895 and has seen many high-profile guests come through its doors. Despite it’s rich history, it has had many modern features added to it including a state-of-the-art day spa and fancy cocktail bars!

Pera Palace Hotel, Istanbul - historical elevator
Pera Palace Hotel, Istanbul – historical elevator

6. Plaza Hotel, NYC

Built in 1907, the magnificent Plaza Hotel in Manhattan might not be the most affordable place to stay in the Big Apple (rooms start at $700 p/n), but it certainly has an interesting history. Many a glamorous ball and concert has been held in its numerous ballrooms and it is one of only two hotels in New York City to be designated as a National Historic Landmark (the other is the Waldorf Astoria). If you can’t afford to stay the night – there are free tours of the interior available for the public. So you can at least pretend to have stayed there 😉

Plaza Hotel, New York City during its 100-year celebrations in 2007.
Plaza Hotel, New York City during its 100-year celebrations in 2007.

8. Oude Werf, South Africa

Built in 1805, Oude Werf is the oldest hotel in South Africa.  Surrounded by vineyards and with wrought iron features, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were staying in a provincial chateau in rural France rather than in Africa. But nonetheless, this Georgian-era hotel is a chic and charming place to stay.

Oude Werf Hotel, South Africa
Oude Werf Hotel, South Africa

9. The Ritz, Paris

Fashionistas will love the history of The Ritz Hotel in Paris. Not only is it in the heart of one of the world’s fashion capitals, but it is where the iconic Coco Chanel spent 30 years of her life. She passed away peacefully in 1971 while designing her next Spring fashion collection in a luxurious suite.

Ritz Hotel, Paris
Ritz Hotel, Paris

10. Hotel del Coronado, California

Walk in the footsteps of more than 10 past U.S. presidents at the Hotel del Coronado in sunny San Diego, California. When the hotel first opened in 1888, it attracted the rich and famous from across the USA – including the president at the time Benjamin Harrison and screen-star Charlie Chaplin. You might also recognise the hotel as the film location for Marilyn Monroe’s movie, ‘Some Like it Hot.’

As well as being a celeb-haven, the hotel is famous for its world-first inventions including hotel-wide electric lighting, looked over by Thomas Edison himself!

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California
Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California

What’s the most historic hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

World’s Most Amazing Hotel Swimming Pools

In the past few months I have been to Thailand and Hawaii and at both I discovered that the hotels I was staying at had the largest swimming pool in their country (or state in Hawaii’s case). It’s just a coincidence, I swear!

Now, these pools were pretty amazing. So it got me wondering about just how much bigger and better they can possibly come?!

Boy was I surprised. From gold-plated pools to postcard-perfect scenery, I’ve already packed my swimmers and started planning my next getaway.

1. San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrabo, Chile

Selling point: World’s biggest and deepest swimming pool. Where else can you sail a boat on a pool?! Crazy!

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile
San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

2. Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali

Selling point: The multi-level pool, with various private villas attached, is a popular choice for honeymooners.

Ubud Hanging Gardens
Ubud Hanging Gardens

3. The Library, Koh Samui

Selling point: The water is red – don’t worry, no one was murdered, the pool is covered in tiny red tiles to get this effect. Blue water is sooo 2012.

The Library, Koh Samui
The Library, Koh Samui

4. Pelican Hill, California

Selling point: The world’s largest circular pool

Pelican Resort pool, California
Pelican Resort pool, California

5. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Selling point: One of the largest swimming pools in the Maldives, it has colourful fibre-optic lights built into it. You can even enjoy a romantic dinner for two while surrounded by water.

Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives
Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives

6. Sanctuary Swala, Tanzania

Selling point: You’ll be surrounded by gazelles and giraffes as you swim

Sanctuary Swala resort, Tanzania
Sanctuary Swala resort, Tanzania

7. The St. Regis, Lhasa, Tibet

Selling point: one of few gold-plated swimming pools in the world. The ultimate in holiday indulgence

The St. Regis, Lhasa, Tibet gold-plated swimming pool
The St. Regis, Lhasa, Tibet gold-plated swimming pool

8. The Cambrian, Switzerland

Selling point: Stay warm (the pool is heated, of course) while surrounded by breathtaking snow-capped mountains

The Cambrian hotel, overlooking the Swiss Alps
The Cambrian hotel, overlooking the Swiss Alps

9. Holiday Inn Pudong Kangqiao, Shanghai

Selling point: Suspended high above the city, with a clear bottom – not for the faint-hearted!

Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Pangqiao swimming pool
Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Pangqiao swimming pool

10. Katikies Hotel, Oia, Santorini

Selling point: Carved out of a cliff and overlooking the Aegean Sea – stunning!


Katikies Hotel, Oia, Santorini
Katikies Hotel, Oia, Santorini

Melbourne Airport Hotel Among World’s Best

When you’re flying into a new and exciting destination the last thing you want to do is sleep at the airport. Most airports are surrounded by freeways, drive-thrus and vast expanses of deserted land, which isn’t really the experience you travelled there for.

However, sometimes you have no choice but to stay at an airport hotel (other than to try catch a few winks in the departure lounge). And if it has to be done, you might as well do it right!

Melbourne’s Park Royal Hotel, situated at the Tullamarine Airport, was named Best Airport Hotel Australia/Pacific for the second year running at the 2013 World Airport Awards.

The best airport hotel award, based on nominations by 1.35 million airport hotel guests worldwide, evaluates 16 key performance indicators including comfort and cleanliness, food and beverages, and ease of transfer.

The overall winner of Best Airport came as no surprise. Singapore’s city-in-itself Changi Airport took out the top prize, followed by Incheon International Airport (last year’s winner).

For more awards visit – the perfect tool to help you decide where to make a stopover on your next trip!

What’s the best airport hotel you’ve ever stayed at?

World’s Most Luxurious Spa Vacations

Spa vacations are gaining more and more popularity by the minute. They allow people to tend to their aches and pains, relax, take care of their appearance, and much more. While an ordinary beach vacation does offer a chance to take a break from reality, it doesn’t offer the same level of TLC as you will receive at a Spa. So if you have decided in favour of the Spa for your next vacation, where should you go?

The Spa at Coworth Park in Berkshire, England
This is the most eco-friendly spa you could find anywhere. Natural light floods the entire building all throughout the day and there is a plethora of available organic and natural treatments. On top of enjoying amazing procedures, you will be able to indulge in mouth-watering, yet very healthy dishes at the Patisserie.

The Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, France
If you want to feel like royalty, this spa is the easiest and most amazing way to do it. Everything from the interior to the treatments and the cuisine is absolutely astounding and filled with elegance and sophistication. Massages, facials, body scrubs, hair treatments, dining… everything is breathtaking and certainly worth its price.

SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain
This clinic is renowned as one of the best European medical spas, offering a chance for spa-lovers and for those with health issues to experience true bliss. The treatments include the best from all over the globe, from traditional Chinese acupuncture to cutting-edge Western ultrasound. All of this is accompanied by serene surroundings and mouth-watering cuisine.

The Verdura Golf & Spa Resort in Sicily
This is an amazing resort where guests can enjoy a wide range of detoxing, anti-ageing and fitness treatments, mostly involving Mediterranean products and ingredients like mud, seaweed, seawater and olive oil. The resort offers many additional amenities such as swimming pools, beauty centres, bars, saunas and more.

The Peninsula Spa by ESPA in New York, USA
This spa offers an amazing chance to enjoy the bustling city of New York from a calm and relaxing environment. The treatments cater to a wide range of needs and come from European, Ayurvedic and Asian traditions. There are even some exclusive treatments which you can’t find anywhere else and are definitely worth their money.

The Ananda Spa in the Himalayas, India
The perfect place for those who want to experience the true wisdom of the ages, this spa offers amazing Vedanta and Ayurveda yoga programs which are bound to leave you relaxed and refreshed. You will be surrounded by magnificent views and cared for by welcoming staff, all of which will take you to a dream world you never imagined even existed.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Malaysia
This spa is mostly known for its amazing facials which can take years off your skin. But its other treatments are also amazing – you can enjoy anything from acupuncture and Chinese Gua Sha to traditional massages, body wraps and Ayurvedic treatments. The staff are highly renowned for their care for their guests so you are guaranteed an amazing experience.

The One&Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives
This spa focuses mainly on the amazing benefits of the sun, and the staff make sure that all guests get enough of it. The treatments are mainly aimed at preparing your body for the exposure and tending to it afterwards. The spa is also renowned for the luxury accommodation and the amazing oceanic views guests can enjoy from their rooms.

The COMO Shambhala Retreat in Bali
This spa is very tradition-oriented and not only offers its guests various treatments, but actually makes them feel and understand how connected their bodies are to nature. You can indulge in various types of massages, take yoga classes early in the morning, or just enjoy the beautiful and well tended gardens.

Despite the expensive price of a spa vacation, nothing can top the feeling of complete rejuvenation. Visiting such a resort doesn’t just take care of your body, but also takes care of your soul. Although it’s absolutely worth the expense, you won’t always have to pay full price for your spa. From time to time, either the spas themselves or the travel companies will promote special offers and it’s worth being patient in order to get your luxury vacation at the best price.


Rita Rova is a luxury holiday writer for discount code website, – where you can find the latest travel deals from top UK companies online.


Hotel Special Offer: Go to Goa

If you haven’t set the Indian state of Goa in your sights, well, you should. With warm weather all year round, a rich history and fantastic Portugeuese-inspired cuisine and lifestyle, it’s a hidden gem for those looking for somewhere unique to visit.

Although it does attract a large amount of tourists every year, it is still relatively untouristy in comparison to places such as Phuket or Hawaii.

If you are already planning on visiting Goa before the end of May, we got our hands on a fantastic hotel deal.

Opening its doors on March 1 2013, the brand-spanking new Swissôtel Goa is offering 25% off stays of two nights or more until May 31. The deal also includes complimentary buffet breakfast and a three-course dinner each day and late check out until 4pm.

The hotel is situated in Calangute, one of the most popular tourist areas of Northern Goa – just 16km from the capital city of Panaji.

To reserve this deal, visit or email [email protected]

Have you been to Goa? What are your recommendations?

How to find cheap hotel deals

After you’ve paid for your flights the next biggest splurge on your holiday is the hotel. There is no set price for hotel rooms and if you are a little tech-savvy and know the tricks of the trade you can find cheap hotels at the click of a button. We’ve come up with our top tips for saving money on hotels so you can spend your money doing the fun stuff!

Book Early or Last Minute

When you book your hotel is almost important as when you travel. Hotels like to book their rooms up as quickly as possible and you can often get yourself a great deal on a fantastic hotel if you book several months in advance.

If only we could get a good deal on this one! (We've been trying...)
If only we could get a good deal on this one! (We’ve been trying…)

If you’re more of a spontaneous traveler or you have left it too late to get the advanced deals then booking last minute can bring you even better savings on cheap hotels. As they like to keep their rooms full, hotels will slash the price of any unsold rooms up to a few weeks in advance. Particularly if you’re travelling in the off peak season you can find incredibly cheap prices for hotels that you would otherwise not be able to afford at full price.

The only problem with booking last minute is that you need to be very flexible with when and where you are travelling to as options may be limited and you may not get your first choice.

Compare Hotel Deals Online

The growth of the internet has brought with it a huge range of opportunities for finding cheap hotels. There are numerous websites that give you the ability to compare hotel prices online and you’ll quickly notice that prices vary significantly between different websites and travel companies.

There are lots of websites to compare websites, but our favourite is Hotels Combined – it’s only new but it shows you the best prices from all the different websites combined – pretty cool!

You can also get contact details for hotels that you are interested in online and contact them directly to enquire about their best deals. Sometimes they can give you a better price than you can find online. Additionally, some hotels also offer discounts for extended stays, students, seniors and more.


Travel in the Off Peak Season

The biggest influence on the cost of your hotel is when you travel. If you have children and are limited to travelling during school holidays you may not have as many options, however if you have the freedom to travel during off peak periods then you can save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Travelling mid-week will save you money on your hotel and you’ll find that Friday and Saturday nights are typically the most expensive days. Many countries also have their own on and off peak seasons that usually depend on the type of weather experienced there at the time. If you don’t mind sacrificing optimum weather for saving money then try travelling during your destinations off season.

Free breakfast included is always a bonus!
Free breakfast included is always a bonus!

Look for Package Deals

Package deals are a great way for saving money on your hotel. When you’re booking your flights always ask what package deals they have available, often you will get added extras such as free car rental, tours and more for the price of just the hotel and flights separately.

Sign up for Hotel Rewards Programs

Most major hotel chains have their own rewards programs that work in a similar way to airlines’ frequent flyer programs. This is a good idea if you are a regular traveler as after a few stays you may score yourself a free night or room upgrade.