An Out of this World Experience in Broome, Western Australia

An Out of this World Experience in Broome, Western Australia

It’s easy to forget, with our busy day to day lives, that we are actually riding around on a planet in an unfathomable infinite universe. On a clear night, away from light pollution, it never ceases to amaze me, the sheer magnitude of the heavens. As my focus turns to the sky it seems to soothe and comfort, reminding me that whatever my problems may be they really and truly are insignificant in the face of the grandeur of the celestial reality. At Greg Quicke’s Astro Tours located in Broome, Western Australia, you’ll gaze at the splendour and immensity of the cosmos, while learning a bit about ourselves and our planet’s place in this intricate web of energy. We’re all intrigued by the galaxies above us, and with Greg Quicke’s Astro Tours, you’ll learn to recognise the constellations and planets, allowing for a much broader perspective on our own existence.

Astro ToursI met Greg while volunteering on Sea Shepherd’s vessel, the Sam Simon. I was completely blown away with his lexicon of knowledge. In just a few days he had made a huge impact on my understanding of the night sky, and helped me to realise that there’s a strange synchronicity within the cosmos. His friendly demeanour, inherent curiosity, and refreshing outlook on life, is contagious and he will surely help you see things in a way you’ve never experienced! I had a chance to pick his brain for the TravelGoss community and here is what he had to say:

Greg Quicke: “Stargazing is a sure way to tune into the universe. Simply getting out there under the stars is enough. Looking outside of yourself is healthy and encourages you to be more of who, and what, you truly are. We are connected with the universe, and all we need to do is become aware of this. The aboriginal people of Broome and the Dampier peninsular have many stories about the stars. They use them as seasonal indicators to know when the stingrays are fat, when it is time to catch goanna, and when to go fishing.”Astro Tours3

“The celestial events that happen every day, every month and every year are the most profound ones. The earth turns, the moon goes around the earth and the earth goes around the sun. If you tune yourself into these very simple cycles that are in our lives every day, you will achieve enlightenment. The good thing about enlightenment is that there is always further to go, more to learn and greater things to be.”

“Broome has some of the cleanest and clearest skies on the planet. Getting only a little distance out of the township is enough to get out of the light pollution caused by archaic and poorly designed street lights. Broome has 300 clear nights a year. We are close enough to the equator to see all of the southern hemisphere and most of the northern hemisphere.”

“Astro Tours was established in 1995 with one telescope and a desire to share. Today we use a fleet of telescopes to help put beautifully switched-on people in touch with the universe on a regular schedule of up to 6 nights a week from April through to October and November and sometimes if the wet season lets us, up into Christmas. As well as regular 2 hour shows run just out of Broome, Astro Tours is often invited to do Kimberley coast stargazing trips on exotic cruise boats. We run corporate events, school events, and our mobile fleet of telescopes will go anywhere that we are invited to set up and guide people through the amazing night skies of the Kimberley and beyond.”Astro Tours2

Bookings can be made by email through the website at You can call on 0417 949 958 and you can find Greg Quicke’s Astro Tours on Facebook. Greg also offers backpackers discounts for group bookings! So if you’re looking for a new adventure in Western Australia, take a trip with Greg that will absolutely be out of this world! And make sure to mention that TravelGoss sent you!



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