All aboard: Would you set sail on Titanic II?

All aboard: Would you set sail on Titanic II?

It might just be me, but if I’m going to board a cruiseship, I wouldn’t want it to have any connections with the Titanic. However, 100 years after it sank, an Australian billionaire is having a replica of the original  ship made.

The first blueprints and detailed look at what the new and improved (you’d hope so!) Titanic
II will look like are to be launched at a gala dinner in New York.

Professor Clive Palmer, chairman of Blue Star Line cruiseships said he plans to recreate the original Titanic’s maiden voyage and sail his ship from Southampton to New York – hopefully with more success this time.

“Titanic was a ship of dreams and Titanic II will be the ship where the dreams come true,” Professor Clive Palmer.

It is hoped that Titanic II will set sail in 2016.

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