Spotlight on: Air Asia X Melbourne to Thailand

Spotlight on: Air Asia X Melbourne to Thailand

‘Voted the world’s best low-cost airline 2009, 2010, 2011’ they declare – so do they deserve this title? Yes, I say.

I’m on my way to Krabi in Thailand for my annual tropical Christmas catch-up with my mum and lured in by the unbeatably low priced flights, I am heading there on Air Asia X. I’ll be honest, I usually cringe at the thought of flying for much longer than a couple of hours on a budget airline – the complimentary socks, blanket, and miniature bottles of wine are enough to get me excited for a long-haul flight – but after having flown to Asia a couple of times on Air Asia, I am definitely a convert. IMG_20121216_090709

This says a lot considering I am currently trying to kill seven hours at the somewhat unimpressive Kuala Lumpur International Airport (the Air Asia one, not the main one) until my 45 minute flight to Krabi (although I’ve spent the last two hours contemplating whether it would be quicker to swim).

You might not get all the frills and thrills of a luxury airline, but you do get great value for money. My flights were less than half the price of any other airline on the same dates and although you have to pay extra for luggage, entertainment and meals, they are all very reasonably priced.

The seats are perfectly comfortable and have adjustable headrests (although I’m too short for my head to reach it!) and unlike most flights I managed to sleep the entire way. There’s nothing better than falling asleep at the start of a long flight and waking up as you’re starting the descent!

Now, what don’t I like about it? Let’s start with the check-in queue. Yes, when you go cheap you don’t expect top notch customer service, but queuing for over an hour to drop off my bag for a 1.30am flight when I had already checked in online seemed a little excessive! But I’m a forgiving person, so I’ll let it slide…

Next whinge is the long layover, which seems to be standard with Air Asia X flights. There is free WiFI in the transit lounge – but only for three hours, which leaves me wondering what to do with the other three hours I have?! I’ve perused all of the five shops and eaten a bowl of cold spaghetti bolognese (the fact that that was the best option for a meal at 6.30am says a lot about the food options…), so I guess the only other thing to do is watch the Mr Bean re-runs on the TV. It is my favorite episode with the turkey incident (I assume everyone knows the one?!), so once again, I shan’t complain 🙂

Well that’s my quick summary on Air Asia X… so far so good, so let’s hope my next flight’s on time or I’ll have to come back and edit the post with some angry rantings 😉
Has anyone else flown Air Asia? What was your experience?

– Jenny, Travel Goss Editor

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