10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Holiday

10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Holiday

The thought of holidaying is what keeps us motivated through our working week – but we all know they can be very expensive. While we’re usually quite happy to splurge a little on our holidays, saving money where possible means we can come back feeling a little less guilty!

Be Flexible

The more flexible you are with your holiday the more money you can save. If you are able to leave a couple of days earlier or later you may find the flight prices are significantly lower – particularly if they are mid-week. Head into the travel agents with an open mind regarding location and dates and get the best value for money.

Book Early/Book Late

By booking early you have access to all the cheaper seats on flights as they are released, and by booking late you get the cut-price seats that the airlines need to get rid of. Leaving it until the last minute is a risk – but if you are flexible you can usually grab a good deal.

House Swap

You may not think your home is a tourists haven, but there’s something nice about staying in a home rather than a clerical, stock-standard hotel. Not only will it save you on accommodation but you don’t need to leave all the luxuries of home… at home.

Go back to basics

Camping may not be your idea of a relaxing holiday – but you’ll be amazed at how far camping has come in recent years. You can hire tents with all sorts of mod-cons and camping also gives you the option to stay in the best locations at a fraction of the cost of a hotel.

Shop Online

Thanks to the internet we can now be our own travel agents and search for bargains online. Many of the best holiday deals are online including cheap flights, accommodation, tours and activities.

Watch Exchange Rates

Fluctuations in exchange rates can make a huge difference to the cost of your holiday. Try heading to a destination that has a good rate against the Australian Dollar to maximise your spending money.

Switch off the Mobile

It can be hard saying goodbye to modern man’s best friend; however the costs of having it on can be extortionate depending on your network and plan. Many networks even charge you to receive SMS while you’re away.

Choose Cheaper Locations

Many countries are notoriously expensive to visit. Even after paying for flights and accommodation you will find yourself forking out large amounts for basics such as food and transport. There are plenty of cheap locations such as Thailand, Italy and Fiji that won’t break the bank.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Once you’ve arrived at your location you need to be a little bit holiday-savvy. For example, don’t eat at a restaurant right next to the Eiffel Tower – you’ll pay at least double what you’ll pay at one a couple of streets away. The same goes for souvenir stores, bars and hotels.

Go Public

Public transport that is. Hire cars can be very expensive and aren’t always necessary – particularly if you plan on staying within a small area. You can always get a cab to travel short distances if required.

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